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Bath Tub Cap

bath tub cap
Available in White & Gray Blue Polyethylene
Compatible with
fiberglass, steel or cast
iron bath tubs

Inner Supports

tub supports
Custom designed and configured to your project and included in bid.

Deluxe Tub Grab Bar

Deluxe Tub Grab Bar from Guardian

Deluxe Tub Grab Bar from Guardian

* Bi-level grab bar allows for proper grasp when entering or exiting the tub
*  Molded finish with stainless steel locking mechanism
*  Tool free installation stays tightly clamped.

Standard Grab Bar

grab bar 2
Non Slip Grab Bar from Invacare
* Non Slip surface
* Secure Grip
* 12 - 36 " Chrome
* Durable Chrome-Plated Steel construction
* Gripping surface =
12 - 36" + 2.5 inches overall length
* Diameter = 1"
* Mounting Bracket
  Diameter = 2.5"
* Wall clearance 3.75"
* Wt. Limit = 250 lbs.

SuperPole™ Safety Pole

Maintain confidence and independence

Secure installation



with SuperBar™

For Bath or Bedroom

A gentle lift unlocks
the bar

Reduce caregiver

Space Saver

SuperPole™ with


Optimizes Space


SuperPole™ with
Safety Island™

360 degree support


Ideal for kitchens


Effortless to use

Stainless steel

Incorporates ADA

Installs like a
Grab Bar

Portable Shower Bench

portable shower bench
Rubbermaid Portable Shower Bench
* 1 piece with contoured seating
* Portable, great for travel
* Adjusts to fit tubs 19" - 28" wide
* Rubber stop protects tub from scratches
* Built-in soap dish with drain holes
Wt. capacity = 300 lbs
31w x 14.75d x 1.625h

Water Pik Handheld
Shower Massage

water pik
Water Pik Handheld Shower Massage
* The Original Shower Massage head
* Power sprayer with massage
* 5 year warranty
Turbo Massage with 5 foot hose

Futuro Portable
Bathtub Rail

Portable Bathtub Rail
* Easily attaches to tub, no tools
* Sturdy design provides support and security when entering or exiting bathtub
* Portable for travel
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