Bath Blest Cincinnati Tub Safety Conversion
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    Easy & Affordable
Bath Blest Renovations saves time and money
Our technique saves time and thousands of dollars over conventional remodeling. Your tub conversion is completed within a matter of hours.
Safely Use Your Bathtub


    A Safer Solution

Bathtub conversions reduce stress for the elderly

Tub and shower conversions help reduce stress on the elderly as well as their attending assistants. Your privacy and independence is maintained.
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 Lessen Your Safety Worries with Us!
Seniors can be happy and healthy with a tub conversion

We want to help all of our customers live longer and healthier lives by staying safe in the privacy of their own bathroom.

Redesigning your bath or shower area can be the single most effective way to reduce the possibility of serious accidents in your home while still allowing personal independence.

Convert your bathtub into a Bathblest Walk-Thru Shower and reduce that awkward bathtub barrier -- the mountainous 14-inch step -- to an easy safer step of a few inches. Our renovations involve minimal disruption and are much more affordable than a full bathroom demolition and renovation.

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