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  1. Most difficult job:

Normally, the space between the inner and outer apron wall is just that; empty space.  Imagine our surprise when cutting into the cast iron tub in a very old house, to find a brick wall.  After several trips to the hardware store, we rented equipment and completed the job.  As surprised as Bath Blest, the customer was quite happy with the finished product.

  1. Most amusing job:

One client explained why she appreciated Bath Blest’s con-  version by explaining that, prior to the conversion, she…stubbed…
every time she got into the tub.  With each word, she moved closer and closer.  By the time she completed her story, we were virtually nose-to-nose.

  1. Most beneficial:

While Installing a conversion in Bloomington, Indiana, the elderly client said that her son wanted one of our cards.  Turned out that he was an executive with a government agency serving the elderly in the Cincinnati area.  We’re still doing business with that agency six years later…


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Our Pledge to You

We manage our company with high standards of integrity and will provide honest, dependable service at a reasonable price.

In business for more than 15 years, we have established many wonderful, long-term relationships with individual, commercial, governmental and nonprofit clients.

We look forward to meeting and serving you in the same timely, courteous and professional manner.

Easy & Affordable Installation

The Bathblest Walk-Thru installation gives you comfortable, easy access to your shower area. Since the installation is completed without the mess and demolition of the original bathroom, it saves you thousands of dollars over conventional remodeling. We will make the process so easy and affordable for you that you will wonder why you didn't do the project sooner!

Why Bathblest?

  • Highly trained technicians with vast experience
  • Easy shower access enhances overall safety
  • Saves thousands over conventional remodeling
  • Conversion is completed in a matter of hours
  • Shower is usable within hours
  • Fits most existing bathtubs
  • Helps reduce stress on the elderly and attending assistants
  • Looks like "it came from the factory"...not like an add-on unit

Whether you are converting one tub or hundreds, we have an effective and economical solution to make your life -- and others -- safer and more comfortable.

Call us today for your FREE consultation.

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